Ford Focus ST Mountune 275 (<2015) Upgrade Kit

For new car buyers looking for a sophisticated balance of performance, driving dynamics, refinement and style, the Focus ST MCA, with its 2.0 EcoBoost 250PS engine is hot property. We are delighted to announce the introduction of a new mountune performance upgrade kit on Focus ST MCA, targeted at Focus ST MCA buyers and existing owners.

This product has been developed by mountune in conjunction with Ford specifically for Focus ST MCA, with the aim of boosting output on the Focus ST MCA 2.0 EcoBoost 250PS engine. Installation of this product does not affect the vehicle’s Base Warranty.


  • Focus ST MCA 2.0 EcoBoost engine increases power output from 250PS to 275PS at 5,500rpm and torque increases from 345Nm to 400Nm at 2,750rpm
  • The kit comprises: a large-capacity alloy intercooler (available powder coated in black – with optional logo); low-loss cast crossover duct with silicone hose (available in silver or black); high-flow dual-entry air filter; mountune performance calibration and mountune performance badge
  • Fitting time: 2 hours approximately.
  • This product only applies to Focus ST MCA 2.0 EcoBoost 250PS vehicles

Standard 250PS:Mountune 275PS:
0-62mph: 6.5 secs 5.9 secs
31-62mph (4th gear): 5.7 secs 4.9 secs

The Mountune Performance MP275 package for the new Ford Focus ST consists of:

  • Large-capacity alloy intercooler (available powder coated Silver or Black - with optional logo)
  • Low-loss cast crossover duct with Samco silicone hose (available silver or powder coated black)
  • High-flow dual-entry air filter
  • Revised engine calibration
  • Mountune Performance badge

For the first time, upgrading to mountune's market-leading mk3 Focus ST 275PS / 400Nm upgrade is possible globally thanks to the new mTune handset.

mTune is mountune’s first handset device, designed to easily transport high performance ECU calibrations to the end user - we call it 'mountune power, in your hands'.

The mTune comes preloaded with the correct ECU calibration engineered and developed to add maximum reliable performance to your mk3 Focus ST, when equipped with mountune Performance parts.

In addition to the mTune, this performance kit also includes a mountune Alloy Intercooler Upgrade, mountune Induction Kit including mountune High Flow Air Filter, and of course a mountune Performance badge.


For more information, to book a demo vehicle test drive (where available) or to book your car in for an upgrade please call us on 01562 540 550 or 01684 210 550.

Please Note: The warranty impact on the vehicle being updated using an mTune will vary depending on the region and supplying agent. Please check PRIOR to purchase to confirm the warranty status within your territory.

To maintain any warranty provision otherwise entitled to you, and to ensure correct operation and reliability, calibrations loaded via an mTune handset must be installed together with the correct mountune® hardware.