Iridium Spark Plug Set [Mk8 Fiesta ST / Puma ST]

EcoBoost engines running substantially higher boost pressure or increased levels of tuning compared to the OE power output can experience reduced spark plug life resulting in lower engine performance, misfires and rough idle.

Increased wear is typically seen in the form of increased spark plug gap and degradation of the electrode. Using spark plugs that are optimised for increased power ensures maximum performance.

Extensive in-market validation at extreme boost / cylinder pressures was undertaken to ensure optimal performance was achieved, whilst also making sure reliability and drivability wasn't compromised in colder ambients.

The NGK LTR71X-II is one step colder than the original spark plug.


Fiesta ST 2018-current


  • Smoother acceleration
  • Perfect for high boost applications

Please note: Supplied in a pack of 3 plugs.

£37.08 GBP Ex. VAT | £44.50 GBP inc VAT

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Iridium Spark Plug Set [Mk8 Fiesta ST / Puma ST]