Brake Fluid Change

Improve brake efficiency for just £49.99

The brake fluid change is a recommended part of your vehicles routine maintenance, your vehicle's brake fluid should be changed on a regular basis, every year is not necessary, but the fluid should be changed at least every two years.

Although the brake fluid itself never goes bad, it is hydroscopic, meaning it has a tendency to absorb moisture, the more moisture absorbed the less effective the fluid and the braking system.

The heat generated by normal and especially hard braking makes the moisture in the fluid boil and that causes brake fade. And what's worse, brake fluid that is contaminated with moisture and dirt can have a very detrimental effect on braking. The contaminants can ruin the delicate innards of these systems, which are extremely expensive to repair.

We will drain and replace the brake fluid insuring that that your brake system does not endure any damage and more importantly you maintain a safe stopping distance.