“I'd definitely recommend Hills Ford Malvern because the service was great and the guarantee was better than my last place” - Gwyn Osborne
“Would highly recommend Hills automotive if you are looking for a new/used vehicle. The customer service was second to none, and communication was excellent” - James Giddings
“At Hills Ford, I felt at ease, and no pressure put on me. They really take pride in their work and the showroom is inviting to customers".- Amy
"Hills Ford Malvern were great because they dealt with me fairly and took time to understand my needs, very efficient, overall experience was excellent and they kept in touch at every stage, lovely car and decent price, thank you"- John Brook
"Made me feel confident 😌I am a Motability customer. I ordered my Kuga with Kriss Mooney. He kept me informed all the way. Nothing was to much trouble. When the car was ready for collection he went through all the paperwork with me, and showed me all the features I needed to know about the car. Great service thoroughly recommend hills ford Kidderminster and especially Kriss Mooney".
“I had my new cars first service at Hills Ford,I found the whole experience brilliant, the staff on the service desk where very knowledgeable, polite and very helpful. When I collected my car it had been cleaned inside an outside it looked brand new again. I would deffo recommend".- Stephen Greaves

Ford Exclusively Recommends Castrol

When it’s time for an oil change, knowing what engine oil to use is essential. The latest engines are getting smaller and more powerful all the time, and manufacturers are specifying complex full synthetic oils to cope with higher engine pressures and meet fuel efficiency targets.

Ford-Castrol professional Oil provides your vehicle with the highest quality and most technically appropriate lubricants to protect your engine against the elements.

Ford Castrol professional lubricants is designed to achieve the CO2 and fuel consumption figures stated in your owner’s handbook. Therefore, Ford engines are prefilled with the Ford Castrol professional lubricants so that your engine is protected from the moment you start your vehicle.

Why have the correct service but not the correct top up oil?

Ford-Castrol professional Oil provides your vehicle with the highest quality and most technically appropriate lubricants to protect your engine against the elements.

1 litre oil top up is £9.99!

RRP is £13.99.



There are so many engine oils out there, which one is right for your vehicle? Well, there are three basic types: mineral, part synthetic and full synthetic.

Mineral oils are the least refined of the three, which means they cost less, but also provide less protection, performance and economy than the other options.

Part synthetic engine oils are a blend of mineral oil and synthetic oil, to give added performance, but still at a lower cost than full synthetic engine oils.

Full synthetics are the most expensive engine oils as they are highly refined, but offer the best and protection and economy to absolutely every vehicle.


Most modern cars will already use a full synthetic engine oil, however older cars can still benefit from using a full synthetic oil.*

Full synthetic oils offer your engine the best possible performance and delivering optimum protection from the moment you start the engine. They work harder in all scenarios that put stress on an engine, such as driving in extreme temperatures, towing heavy loads and sitting in stop-start traffic.

Depending on the viscosity your manual recommends, synthetic oil can also improve the performance and fuel economy of your vehicle, and will even stay stronger for longer between drain intervals than traditional mineral or part synthetic oils. 


Viscosity is a measurement of the thickness and 'ease of flow' in any liquid. For example, water is a thin liquid that flows freely, so we say that it has a low viscosity. Honey, on the other hand, is relatively thick and flows more slowly. So we describe honey as having a high viscosity. It's also worth noting that honey flows more easily - and is therefore less viscous - when it is slightly warm. Engine oil behaves in pretty much the same way, which is why mechanics will usually run an engine for a minute or two before draining used engine oil away to replace it.


Castrol became the first lubricants company in the world to offer a certified carbon neutral product to our customers with the launch of Castrol Professional in 2014. Since then, Castrol has worked hard to reduce the carbon footprint of Castrol Professional by over 15% whilst millions of motorists have benefitted from using a carbon neutral engine oil.