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What is Ford Options and how does it work?

Ford Options is our Personal Contract Purchase plan which offers you the flexibility to renew your car more often. Ford Options is lower when compared to a Ford Acquire agreement of the same length and deposit.

Over what period can I take my Ford Options agreement?

Ford Options agreements can be taken out over 24 or 36 month terms.

The features of Ford Options

  • The opportunity to drive a new Ford car more often
  • Fixed regular payments to suit your needs
  • Interest rate fixed for the loan duration
  • Optional Final Payment provides protection from any unexpected fall in used car prices
  • Reduced exposure to major service and repair bills
  • Flexibility – at the end of the agreement you can Renew, Return or Retain your Ford (see below)
  • The option to own the car at the end of the agreement

Choose from three options at the end of your agreement

Option 1 – Renew: Choose another car

If you would like to renew your Ford you can trade it in at your Ford Dealer or sell it privately if you prefer. You must settle your account, and then you may use any excess value over the Optional Final Payment can be used as a deposit towards your new Ford.

Option 2 – Return: Hand the car back

Your pre-agreed Optional Final Payment gives you protection against any unexpected fall in used car prices. If you would like to return your car, Hills Ford will complete a vehicle appraisal. As long as your car meets our fair wear and tear standards, is within the agreed mileage, and your account is up-to-date, there will be nothing further to pay. Additional charges will be made if you exceed the agreed mileage or if your car does not meet our fair wear and tear standards.

Option 3 – Retain: Keep the car

Ford Options also gives you the flexibility to own the car at the end of the agreement. All you need to do, assuming all payments have been made, is arrange payment of the Optional Final Payment, which was deducted at the start of your agreement, plus the purchase fee.

We'll contact you before the end of your Ford Options agreement to make sure you have plenty of time to decide which option is right for you.

Renewing your Ford before the end of your agreement

With Ford Options, you're in complete control, with the flexibility to renew your Ford at any time during your agreement. Find out more about our current promotions. Your Ford Dealer will assist you with the process, including settlement of your outstanding balance on your behalf. Please remember, however, that the responsibility of settling the financial balance remains yours.

Getting a finance quote for your Ford is easy

Get a personal instant finance quote for the model of your choice. Once you've created your personal finance quote you can also apply online for a decision within minutes.

You can alternatively contact us on 01562 540550 or 01684 210550 and one of our specialists will take you through the finance options.