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Recommend a friend, colleague or family member and get cash again and again !

Hills Ford, a family owned and managed business, is proud to have a loyal following of customers, all impressed with our friendly service and extensive range of new and used cars, as well as commercial vehicles, from one of Britain’s most popular car manufacturers.

We consider the primary reason for our success to be the quality of our helpful and knowledgeable staff. Our sales teams know the value of fair dealing and maintaining the goodwill of our patrons.

Our comprehensive aftersales service is equally important to us and is delivered by a dedicated and efficient team of accredited technicians. Meanwhile, our methodical and efficient administrative staff work hard to ensure that our customers never suffer delays or inconvenience.

With our unmatched customer service, facilities and prices, we are one of the country’s premier car retailers. And we would like to reward our loyal customers by offering them the chance to earn £50 for each and every referral.

Simply complete the form on the link below and then submit to our Sales Manager. A referral will only be valid when it is in the possession of the Sales Manager BEFORE we contact the customer. Retrospective claims cannot be accepted.


Each referral is authorised and paid when the person referred purchases a new or used vehicle from Hills Ford. It can only be redeemed at Hills Ford. Only one referral of £50 can be redeemed against each sale. Hills Ford reserve the right to refuse redemption.

All friends must be new customers to Hills Ford, and supply us with a copy of this email and your name and address at the initial stages of order placement. Your friend must place and keep an order for a brand new Ford car for the payment to be applied. You will then be emailed with full instructions on how to receive your £50. By recommending a friend you are agreeing to receiving marketing Recommend a Friend communications from Hills Ford.