How to drive safe this winter

Stay safe this winter. There are seven key things to check on your car before driving in winter, especially if you are travelling a long distance. Work through this list before you set off.

Battery: The car battery needs to work harder during the winter, so ensure it is regularly serviced.

Tyres: Make sure there is at least 2mm of tread depth on the tyres, preferably more. Consider investing in winter tyres, which are more effective in cold weather (not only in the snow).

Cooling system: Add anti-freeze into your cooling system, but remember to use the appropriate strength of formula.

Wipers and washers: Use a high-strength screen wash and replace damaged or faulty wiper blades. Never use the wipers to clear ice from the windscreen.

Defrosting: Do not pour boiling water onto the windscreen – it may crack. Instead, use an ice scraper and/or a can of de-icer. Remember to clear all areas of glass, including the door mirrors and lights.

Lights: Check that all lights are working, including fog lights and reversing lights.

Roof and windows: Clear all snow and ice from the roof and windows before setting off.

Driving in winter presents a lot of extra hazards. The days are shorter days and temperatures are colder. Then there’s the likelihood of heavy rain, snow, ice, fog and dazzling low sun.

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