“I'd definitely recommend Hills Ford Malvern because the service was great and the guarantee was better than my last place” - Gwyn Osborne
“Would highly recommend Hills automotive if you are looking for a new/used vehicle. The customer service was second to none, and communication was excellent” - James Giddings
“At Hills Ford, I felt at ease, and no pressure put on me. They really take pride in their work and the showroom is inviting to customers".- Amy
"Hills Ford Malvern were great because they dealt with me fairly and took time to understand my needs, very efficient, overall experience was excellent and they kept in touch at every stage, lovely car and decent price, thank you"- John Brook
"Made me feel confident 😌I am a Motability customer. I ordered my Kuga with Kriss Mooney. He kept me informed all the way. Nothing was to much trouble. When the car was ready for collection he went through all the paperwork with me, and showed me all the features I needed to know about the car. Great service thoroughly recommend hills ford Kidderminster and especially Kriss Mooney".
“I had my new cars first service at Hills Ford,I found the whole experience brilliant, the staff on the service desk where very knowledgeable, polite and very helpful. When I collected my car it had been cleaned inside an outside it looked brand new again. I would deffo recommend".- Stephen Greaves



All-New Transit Connect

With the addition of a second row of seats, the Transit Connect Double Cab-in-Van comfortably sits up to five adults, making it a great crew van. And even with all seats occupied, there’s still enough load space for a standard Europallet in the back.

The Transit Connect Double Cab is packed with advanced technologies too, including Adaptive Cruise Control with Adjustable Speed Limiter, Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection, and Ford SYNC 3. So, whether you’re in the busy city, cruising on the motorway, or negotiating the school run, this crew van is always ready to lend a hand.

Advanced technologies can keep you connected, entertained, safe and secure, such as Active City Stop, which senses if a low speed collision is imminent and applies the brakes automatically.

With a Flexible Dual Front Passenger Seat enabling you to carry up to three people in the Van model, as well as the Double-Cab-in-Van and Kombi versions which are able to carry up to seven, you've also got the ability to take a team of workmates with you to every job, as well as the materials and equipment you need to get it done.

Hills Lifetime Warranty Terms and Conditions

This warranty provided by the manufacturer does not adversely affect the statutory rights of the purchaser against the seller, and gives remedies in addition to those against the seller under the contract of sale. Claims by the purchaser, in particular for a defect on a vehicle, against the selling Ford distributor remain unaffected by the warranty.

M.T.C.R Marketing Ltd (hereinafter called Hills Ford), warrants for vehicles sold under the Hill’s lifetime warranty:

  1. 12 months, from the date the vehicle is first registered to the original purchaser by Ford Motor Company, as stated in the warranty booklet.
  2. Between 13 and 36 months with a limitation of 60,000miles, whatever comes first.
  3. Beyond the limit of a) 60,000 and b) 36 months, whichever comes first for the lifetime of the vehicle to be first registered owner of the vehicle or until the new vehicle has been driven 100,000 miles, under the terms and conditions stated below.
  4. All commercial derivatives and Fleet customers are not eligible for Hills Lifetime Warranty

H1.Hills Lifetime Warranty for the First Registered Owner

H1.1Duration of the manufacturers warranty

Ford Motor Company undertakes that each new motor vehicle supplied hereon by Ford as original equipment will be free from defect in material or workmanship according to the state of the art under normal use and service for a maximum time period of 36 months and a maximum mileage of 60,000. The warranty is valid for the motor vehicle that is purchased through Hills Ford Kidderminster, and Hills Ford Malvern.

The warranty starts from the date of first registration by Hills Ford Kidderminster or Hills Ford Malvern.

H1.2Coverage of the Hills Lifetime Warranty

The warranty applies to free of charge repair of the vehicle by Hills Ford Kidderminster, or Hills FordMalvern. Hills Ford obligations under this warranty being limited to repairing or replacing at its option any parts by Hills Ford Kidderminster, or Hills Ford Malvern. The repair or replacement of defective parts under this undertaking will be made by Hills Ford to whom the vehicle is returned, free of charge to the customer.

Warranty claims can only be made on presentation of the Hills Lifetime Warranty and the Service Booklet completed and signed by Hills Ford Kidderminster, or Hills Ford Malvern. Hills Lifetime warranty is also dependant upon the confirmation that the vehicle has been serviced in accordance with the manufactures recommended service schedule, at Hills Ford Kidderminster or Hills Ford Malvern. (claim limit £500)

Hills Ford reserves the right to appoint its own engineer to inspect the vehicle prior to any repair or replacement of part(s) covered.

Hills Ford at its discretion may elect to agree with the owner a value for the vehicle in case the parts and labour exceeds the economic value of the vehicle, or in case the parts are no longer available.

Covered components of the Hills Lifetime Warranty

The Hills Lifetime Warranty is valid is only valid for the following components of the vehicle:

  1. BRAKING SYSTEM. All parts are covered apart from brake discs, pads, shoes, drums, hoses cables and pipes.
  2. CATALYTIC CONVERTERS AND CASINGS. These will be replaced if the damage was caused as a result of any covered part failing.
  3. CLUTCH. All parts are covered apart from hoses, cables, pipes, and any part which is replaced due to wear and tear.
  4. ELECTRICAL SYSTEM. All parts are covered apart from fuses, batteries, aerials, communication devices, satellite navigation systems and in-car entertainment units, heated screens, bulbs and lighting units (including the lens)
  5. ENGINE. All parts are covered apart from auxiliary belts, HT leads, spark plugs, oil seals, hoses, cables, pipes, filters, engine mountings and the exhaust system.
  6. ENGINE COOLING SYSTEM. All parts are covered apart from hoses, cables, pipes, and any damage caused by corrosion, impact or freezing.
  7. FINAL DRIVE. All parts are covered apart from seals, gaskets, boots, wheels and tyres.
  8. FUEL SYSTEM. All parts are covered apart from turbochargers (subject to additional charge), hoses, cables, pipes, filters and any damage caused by using contaminated fuel, or the wrong fuel.
  9. HEATING and FACTORY FITTED AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM. All parts are covered apart from cables, hoses, pipes, unions, seals, filters and vents.
  10. STEERING SYSTEM. All parts are covered apart from boots, pipes, unions and hoses.
  11. SUSPENSION. All parts are covered apart from hoses, pipes and refilling any unit
  12. TRANSMISSION. All parts are covered apart from seals, gaskets, gear-change linkage, cables and gearbox mountings

The warranty does not extend to the fixing of consequential damage caused by the above mentioned covered components.

H1.3Customer duties to retain warranty

The Hills Lifetime Warranty is dependent on a 6 month Free Health Check and annual visit to Hills Ford Kidderminster or Hills FordMalvern, who will activate and validate the extension for another year starting from the 12 month period from registration or anniversary of registration.

The vehicle must be serviced at Hills Ford Kidderminster or Hills Ford Malvern within a maximum of 1,000 miles of the due mileage to maintain the continuation of the next warranty.

The activation can be performed up to 21 days after the expiry date of the preceding expiry date, providing the vehicle has been serviced within the 1,000 mile guideline.

Annual activation and validation of the Hills Lifetime Warranty is also dependant upon the confirmation that the vehicle has been serviced in accordance with the manufacturers recommended service schedule at Hills Ford Kidderminster and or Hills Ford Malvern.

H1.4Data protection

The activation and validation of the Hills Lifetime Warranty requires Hills Ford to maintain personal data of the owner. M.T.C.R Marketing Ltd and Hills Ford will never sell your information on. We would like to use your information to keep you informed about new products, services, special offers and to measure and improve how we service you. Your information will be kept only for this purpose.

The Hills Lifetime 100,000 mile warranty

Hills Ford are so confident in the famous Blue Oval Ford brand, that we are going to be the first Ford Dealer in the country to offer a Lifetime Warranty to the first owner of all new Ford passenger cars.

What’s more it’s valid for the lifetime that you keep the car up to a maximum of 100,000 miles, and is available to all RETAIL and PRIVILEDGE customers

How does it work?

Years 1-3

All New Ford passenger cars are covered by a 3 year/60,000 mile manufacturer’s warranty, with no cost to our customers


Once the manufacturer’s warranty has expired Hills Ford will extend the warranty every 12 months for an unlimited time and 100,000 miles.

Your New Ford also comes with

● 12 months Ford Assist Breakdown Cover

● Up to 12 Years anti-perforation and corrosion warranty, with no mileage restriction (all models except New Ka 8yrs)

What is Covered?

All Hills Ford Warranties cover a huge range of vehicle parts – Engine, Braking system, Clutch, Electrical systems, Cooling system, Steering, Suspension, Transmission and more. Like most things in life some things can not be covered, such as service and maintenance items, wear and tear, and any non –approved modifications or conversions. For full details and what is covered, please take a look at our terms and conditions below.

You can now pre purchase your services with our new 0% pay monthly scheme. For full details please contact Chris Jenkins at Hills Ford Kidderminster on 01562 820028

Hills Lifetime is available on All-New Ford Fiesta cars purchased from 27th July 2017.

All-New Ford Transit Connect Your Next Steps