Time for a Dash Cam!

Did you know dash cams can help lower insurance premiums by up to 30%?

A Dash Cam is your driving guardian, offering protection and back-up to you and your family on the road. It helps protect your No Claims Bonus, can reduce insurance premiums, and advocate for your driving when faced with false or unfair liability claims.

5 Reasons why you should install an automotive Dash Cam:

  1. Discreet integrated design with wide angle lens
  2. Wi-Fi enabled for easy connection to your tablet or phone
  3. Full 1080p 30fps recordings
  4. Having a dash cam in your car means supporting evidence at your fingertips
  5. Most UK authorities now accept dash cam footage as evidence

Nextbase is the market-leading, connected in-car technology brand, bringing new and revolutionary features to the Dash Cam market.

Nextbase have an OEM design - installed neatly behind the rear view mirror., these look part of the vehicle as if it was installed by the factory. Also all Nextbase automotive cameras come with a hardware Kit SD Card and Back up battery, no other accessories needed to purchase. This allows for discrete installation with hidden wires and no need to use any unsightly cable plugged into 12 volt power sockets.

At Hills Ford, we offer Nextbase dash cam from £149.

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